Paper Session 44

New services in the Energy System

  • 09:00 - 10:30
  • Diplomska soba
  • Dr. Bernadette Fina

A Comparative Analysis based on Energy self-Consumption Regulations in Spain, Romania and Ecuador

Victor Isaac Herrera1, Paul Borza2, Aitor Milo3, Nerea Goitia-Zabaleta3,4

1Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador); 2Universitatea Transilvania Brașov (Romania); 3IKERLAN Technology Research Centre, Basque Research and Tech (BRTA), Spain; 4University of the Basque Country, Electrical Engineering Department,

Ex-Post Electricity Allocation Algorithm for Energy Communities

Bernadette Fina

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

Platform Services Facilitating the Partcipation of Active Households in the Energy System – a Transaction Cost Perspective

Sabine Pelka1,2, Dominik Kern1,3, Jan George1,4

1Fraunhofer ISI, Germany; 2Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; 3Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany; 4University of Freiburg, Germany

Open science and ethics in energy research

Raquel Alonso Pedrero, Felipe Van de Sande Araujo

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

An Overview of Local Electricity Market Designs

Jovana Forcan1, Miodrag Forcan2

1University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Informatics, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 2University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Assessing the value of residential end-users flexibility in a decarbonized European power system

Victor Vincent de Lestrade, Carl Jasper Specht, Raquel Alonso Pedrero, Pedro Crespo del Granadopedro.cre

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Stakeholder driven policy actions for decarbonization of Finland by 2050

Ville Sihvonen1, Samuli Honkapuro1, Petr Spodniak2, Gerald Aue3, Aurélien Peffen4, Sylvain Cail4

1LUT University, Finland; 2Compass Lexecon, Finland; 3Compass Lexecon, France; 4Enerdata, France