The PETROL GROUP is the largest and leading Slovenian energy company, the principal strategic supplier of petroleum products and other energy products in Slovenia, the largest group in terms of turnover, one of the largest Slovenian companies in terms of profit and one of the most successful business entities in Slovenia at the same time.

With its clearly defined strategic orientation and development priorities it actively participates in shaping the Slovenian energy environment, currently also becoming an important player on the energy markets of the wider region of South-Eastern Europe. PETROL is particularly distinguished for the quality of its products and services, its great reputation, highly recognised brands and solid financial position.

The Petrol Group operates in two highly competitive and demanding industries – energy and trade. We respond to daily business challenges with careful planning and deliberate business decisions. We improve the quality of life. Our guiding principles are to ensure the growth of our business and increase the profitability of operations.

PETROL’s highly motivated and business oriented employees feel a deep sense of responsibility towards their customers, suppliers, business partners, owners and the company as a whole; they meet their expectations through considering fundamental legislative regulations and ethical rules of the Slovenian society, through conforming to European standards and acting in accordance with the environmental legislation.